Additional Information/Articles/Links

    This is where you will be able to find links to more information about the Alexander Technique including articles, organizations, and my own writing.

My Articles:

Some Thoughts on the Anticipation of Pain

The Common Fallacy of Breath Training

How to Try

Zen Mind, Alexander Mind

Other Organizations:

Bay Area Alexander Teachers  (Find a teacher in the area, find featured articles and references)

American Society for the Alexander Technique (or AmSAT, the governing body of the Alexander Technique in the United States.  Find a certified {M.AmSAT} teacher or more information about the Technique.)

Helpful Links:

Study regarding the relief of back pain published in the British Journal of Medicine

Help for Scoliosis

The Core Stability Myth (A very interesting read if you are thinking about the relationship of your core to your health and athletic ability.)

Help for knee pain